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School holidays may look a little different this year, so here are our school holiday activity ideas:

  • Safer celebrations

The safest solution is to celebrate virtually or only with the people you live with. You can host a virtual gathering with your family and friends, or go for a drive or stroll around your community and wave to your neighbours from a safe distance.

  • Get cooking

Did you know that kids/teens are more likely to taste new foods if they help you to prepare them?

You can help your kids/teens feel excited about preparing nutritious and easy dishes by taking advantage of the school holiday period.

  • Work on your family’s wellbeing

There are occasions when being out and about is exciting, but a little downtime is always needed. By including mindfulness exercises into your family's routine, you will help your children build more resilience.

Here are great options for kids to try at home:

  • Play board games

Rekindle your love for old-school family board games. This is a reminder that continued social distancing does not necessarily mean that you have to be antisocial at home.

This is exactly the kind of distraction your family needs for a not-so-normal school holiday.

  • Digital games for the family

Signing up for a digital escape room if you have older children, is an excellent idea. This could be a super fun bonding experience for the family, and friends can join too.



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