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WOW!  Where do I begin…. I have learnt so much about myself, about my drug use and my life.  SANCA is really a ‘God-sent’.  I learned so much from the group, but mainly from the people I met here.  It was a huge eye-opener.  After being at SANCA, I appreciate my parents and family so much more.  You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone! SANCA is a safe place where you never feel alone.   – J.

I love SANCA because I believe it is my second home.  Why I love this place you may ask? I used to believe that I am lost and since coming to this place…I am found. The sisters are good citizens and our mothers.  Through Therapy I am now confident. – M.

Being here at SANCA meant a lot to me because I was very addicted to drugs.  I even forgot my family.  I lost my dignity and respect.  SANCA helped me be a better person.  I thank you for the opportunity you gave me.  Thank you SANCA!   – M.S

The Bridge taught me a lot. I’ve learned that drugs hurt my mom more than it was hurting me!  My social worker and all the sisters became part of me and they will always be special to me.   - M.M


I learned a lot of things at the Bridge, but the most important thing was to appreciate life and to love myself again.  But I ‘ve also learned to have God in my life and that life without drugs can actually be fun.  - F.B


HORIZON is a very good tool to help addicts recover.  The knowledge they give you will help you make better decisions.  The nurses are very well trained and the food is very good. The whole programme and stay were very enjoyable and it gave me lots of confidence to return to the ‘real’ world. Thank you SANCA.  - K.S


The difference Horizon made in our lives is not measurable.  With gratitude, I salute the team at SANCA Horizon Centre.  My child went in broken.  My heart was full of courage.  He is doing very well in his sports as well as academically.  If there is one most important thing I could say, it would be that we can now communicate more clearly.  I can set boundaries and discipline my child with love.    -A.C


I have come to know peace and happiness and my lost dreams have awakened.  I am okay with the man in the mirror.  I am living proof that we do recovery, one day at a time, thanks to SANCA Horizon.   - G.W


I walked through the front door of SANCA Horizon Rehabilitation Centre in Boksburg, with no idea of how my life would change.  Change in thinking, attitude and behaviour.  This may sound like heavy going, but the support and care of a team of true professionals, helped me make it.  They gave me back my dignity, and today, I can own who and what I am.   - G.H

The Bridge means a lot to me. I got a lot of help here and I got all the attention, love and respect that I always needed in my life.  The Bridge is like home to me.  It thought me a lot of things that I never knew in life and when I first came to The Bridge, I felt like I was lost and helpless.  As time went by I felt comfortable, safe, and free.  I felt that I belonged.   - T.M

Treatment at Horizon Clinic has been a pleasure.  I have realized now that life is worth living.  - P.L

Horizon Clinic has been a pillar of strength towards my recovery. The therapist has offered great insight to my addiction. This is my second time at Horizon and I want to take this opportunity to thank them for all that they have done for me.   - J.M

SANCA Horizon has been a home away from home for me these past 28 days.  The warmth and comfort were beautiful.  Hospitality is what they live for and caring is their specialty.  SANCA Horizon is the best. I consider myself privileged to have benefitted mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually by SANCA’s well-appointed programme.  I commend absolutely everyone who has facilitated in my start of recovery.  The professionalism by all staff and specifically a few individuals in my treatment, who empathetically cared, has indeed restored my belief.  My belief in the possibility of a secure and complete recovery.  Aside from applauding all these benefactors and their duties par excellence, I thank the committee and management for the added weeks treatment.  Despite all my known and unforeseen challenges that lay ahead, I am very secure in staying clean with the platform this clinic has given me.  In certainty, I will be leaving as a whole person with the newly learned skills, tools and abilities in actual living.  I remain indebted to Horizon.  I believe this Clinic has a programme that should be noted as a programme of precedence at National level.  I am greatly appreciative.  - D.F

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