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Top Tips To Stay Motivated For Dry January

Many people, now that the new year has begun, have resolved to abstain from alcohol for Dry January. However, as with any new challenge, staying on track may be challenging. Follow our top tips on how you can stay dry and motivated this January.


People who participate alongside a loved one or close friend have a greater chance of achieving their goal. You can count on each other to help you stay on track if one of you starts to sway.


You may still have fun while avoiding the negative effects of alcohol by substituting your usual beverages with mocktails or alcohol-free drinks.


It is important to remind yourself every day of your motivation for abstaining from alcohol. The solution might be as simple as a post-it-note on the refrigerator.


Avoid keeping alcohol on hand if you know you may be tempted to consume alcohol after a long, stressful day. Do something different at the end of the workday instead. Take a stroll or engage in some other sort of physical activity to divert your attention away from the thought of drinking.

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