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Overdose Prevention


An overdose occurs when a toxic (poisonous) quantity of a substance or medication is consumed. Some ways to avoid overdose include:

  • Practice medication safety. Always thoroughly read the labels on medications. Follow the directions for all prescription medications. Maintain the original packaging for all medications.

  • Unless prescribed by a doctor, you should avoid drugs of all kinds.

  • Always inform your doctor or other healthcare professional if you have ever overdosed.

  • Do not retain unused medications on hand. Give them to the pharmacist.

  • Keep all medications, alcoholic beverages, narcotics, and toxins sealed up and out of the reach of minors.

  • Use caution when consuming multiple substances (including alcohol) simultaneously. They can negatively interact and increase the risk of overdose.

By focusing efforts on addiction prevention, the problem of overdose is avoided. However, if you or a loved one is engaging in substance use, please reach out for help.


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