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How You Can Observe World Tuberculosis Day

The World Health Organization created World Tuberculosis Day to raise awareness about tuberculosis, an infectious disease that kills millions of people annually. Tuberculosis is readily curable, but it can lay quiescent and undetected for years; therefore, it is crucial to raise awareness.


Spread awareness

Many TB patients are unaware that they have the disease. Latent tuberculosis can remain asymptomatic for several years. Therefore, it is essential to raise awareness about how to get tested and treated. With any disease, the greatest treatment is prevention.

Get tested

Disease prevention begins with each individual. Simple tuberculosis testing is occasionally required for travel or employment applications. It is always preferable to have something on your medical records as opposed to in your airways.

Volunteer or donate

During Tuberculosis Awareness Month, events are conducted throughout the globe to raise awareness and funds. If none is available, organise one yourself. Numerous organisations committed to the eradication of tuberculosis are always in need of volunteers and donations.

Together, through collaboration and innovation, we can end tuberculosis!


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