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Are you an alcoholic parent?

Persistent alcohol exposure appears to raise a child's risk of future alcohol abuse. Depression or other physiological hurdles experienced by an alcoholic parent may enhance the child's chance of acquiring drug abuse issues later in life. Many alcoholics believe their drinking has little effect on others. Naturally, this is not true, and children with alcoholic parents are particularly vulnerable.

Unfortunately, the repercussions of growing up in an environment where alcoholism is widespread may be severe enough to last a lifetime, affecting how children and adults view themselves and others, interact with others, and much more. While this list of effects is merely a sampling of the outcomes that parental alcoholism may have on children, it includes:

(A) A lack of trust (B) Finding that it is impossible to achieve a sense of normalcy (C) Never stop asking for approval from others

Children of alcoholics may have long-term emotional and psychological damage, especially if they themselves become alcoholics. People with children in the house who have an alcohol problem should seek help.

Phone SANCA Horizon today for help - 011 917 5015


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