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Having a Low-Risk or No-Risk Holiday Season

The holidays are just around the corner. Overindulgence, particularly in the form of booze, is common during this season of festivities and celebrations. Because of this, now is the ideal time to educate yourself on how to drink responsibly and avoid putting your health at risk. Reduced drinking not only lowers your risk of developing an alcohol-related disease, but also improves your short-term mood. Reduced drinking results in improved sleep quality, more energy, a clearer mind, and more money in the bank!

One of the most critical ways to foster a less dangerous drinking culture is to change the way drunkenness and its associated problems are viewed. In order to start changing drinking culture and to help you to look after yourself, your friends and family, here are 10 tips to safer drinking over the festive season:

  1. Be conscious of the amount of alcohol in the food you consume.

  2. Avoid drinking on an empty stomach.

  3. Follow the safer drinking medical recommendations. In the timespan of a week, you should limit your alcohol consumption to no more than 14 units; these units should be consumed over the course of seven days.

  4. Avoid stocking up on alcohol.

  5. Take steps to ensure your safety whilst drinking.

  6. Try some mocktails (alcohol free cocktails).

  7. Do not drive if you are drinking.

  8. Avoid drinking alcohol at home (“preloading”) before going out.

  9. Try to incorporate alcohol free days over the festive period.

  10. Bring your own soft drinks or low/no alcohol drinks if you're going to a family event where there will likely be a lot of alcohol.


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