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Resolutions are about Progress!

New years resolutions have become a tradition, fulfilling an aspect of a mythological wonder. Most people make resolutions that involve the “commitment” to improve their lives. A commitment to a resolution at the beginning of a new year can be a positive step towards self-improvement.

The most important achievement is the sense of empowerment involved in the realization that one can, in fact, make changes in life that are beneficial and progressive. It is the building upon progress that will allow for a continued pursuit of the goal and the benefits that will continue during that pursuit.

This is of vital importance for those suffering from drug addiction. If a resolution to get clean and sober is made (whether at New Year’s or any other time), it is essential that any progress made towards achieving that end is embraced, even if there are setbacks. The road to recovery cannot be achieved through wishful thinking or “mythological” resolutions. Making a kind of “oath” on New Year’s does not involve any magical component that will render the goal easier to achieve.

The commitment to a drug-free existence involves the same amount of work 365 days a year. The commitment is the beginning. What is most important after that commitment is the effort and progress that can only be realized and achieved through hard work. Substance abuse does not limit the excessiveness to one month of the year, it is an affliction that resonates throughout the year and any resolution or commitment to change that way of life is a positive and hopeful sign, regardless of what time of the year it is. The key is to recognize the hard work involved in recovery – work that can be facilitated through SANCA HORIZON to help you achieve your goals on the true path to recovery.

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