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Parents who have had discussions or conflicts with their children regarding drug use or addiction but noticed no change in their behaviour may need to consider getting professional or specialised assistance. A formal intervention needs to be considered. This will be a scheduled intervention with a social worker or child specialist dealing with substance abuse.

Interventions are highly planned dialogues that are used to break through a teen's denial and bring him into treatment.

It is important that teenagers should not be intoxicated or under the influence of drugs when the intervention is happening.

Ideally to schedule an appointment and ensure the child and parents are present. This keeps the adolescent from hiding in his room or another part of the house.

Parents must diarize behaviour and incidents that happened previously where the use or suspected use of substances has been present. This will help with addressing specific behaviour of concern.

The intervention will be facilitated by a specialist to ensure the conversation does not get personal or aggressive.

The intervention will assist the family as to the way forward and may include treatment or therapy.

Contact SANCA Horizon if you need assistance planning an intervention for a teen member of your family.

Professional assistance is a call away on 011 917 5015.


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